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s1e17 - The Halloween Finale

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Enjoy some talks of the season & a scary ghost story! Thanks for a great first season of ASE. We're changing up our schedule, and maybe our format? Who knows, but stay tuned!
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s1e16 - Angry. pt. 1, 2 & 3

Here within contains a three week span of anger that we hope all can relate to. Weeks late or not, here it is.
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s1e15.5 - We're Tired [A Video Minisode]

After an exhausting few weeks, we need just one more to get all our thoughts together about it. In the meantime, let's remember the good things that are happening too!
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s1e15 - Confessional Hour, Gossip vs. Communication, & He T-Boned Me, Literally

A quick check in/update on us before we dive into some hot gossip about gossip. Leave a rate & review, whether you listened or not!
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s1e14 - Weird Bikes, Churros, & I Think I Might Be High [A Video Podcast]

A brief bump in with our "nearly councilman" on a bakfiets cargo bike lead to many talks of weird bikes. Please enjoy our first "video podcast" i guess. Also, we talk about the first time we got high!
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s1e13 - A Bad Precedent for the President, Horror Films, & 13's Just Fine

We kick episode 13 off with some weekend news predictions, followed by a discussion of horror films, ending with some insight on the "lucky" number 13.
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s1e12 - Beetlejuice, Get Out Of The Goddamn Elevator, & The Sum Of All Integers

More odd coincidences are noted, with some even occuring DURING the episode! We also discuss the fine line between courteousness & chivalry, in attempt to decide if chivalry is dead... and/or if it should be.
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s1e11 - Nature vs. Nurture, Free Will vs. Fate, & Louis C.K. vs. Reconciliation

Clones, the universe, & and a "too soon" return to the stage are discussed this week on ASE.
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s1e9 - This Whole Podcast is The Ad, #sixseasonsandamovie, & The On Call Stoner™️ (w/ Morgan Roger)

Morgan Roger (the one and only) joins us for some chats about our upcoming live show, Community, & of course what's for dinner later.
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s1e8 - Angry Feminist Period Time, The Bail is Paid... Is It Done?, & Touch Asbestos and DIE!

Welcome back to ASE! Today we discuss Menses, jail time, and MESOTHELIOMA! For listening to this episode, you may be entitled to financial compensation... or maybe we are?
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