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About Us

The Musician's Lofts are a communal space where instrumental musicians can live, compose and practice. The world-famous Brewery Artist's Colony in Los Angeles has over 300 units in 26 buildings for visual and other artists, but our community shares 4 floors of the only building in which the Brewery allows musical artists to live and work. Because our space is extremely limited, we accept only practicing, instrumental musicians as roommates.

Our shared common areas include 4 great rooms, an air-conditioned lounge, 4 separate kitchens, 5 restrooms with showers (including a huge 1920's clawfoot tub and a heated whirlpool tub), as well as two complete Grammy-nominated recording studios with separate control and live rooms.

Finding your way around here can be a real challenge, even when you know the address, so here's a map to help you out. The Brewery Artist's Colony


Click the map for a larger view!

There are several addresses which appear on Both Moulton and Ave. 21, so make sure you're headed to the correct street!


Organizing Principles

The Musician’s Loft is a residence exclusively for instrumental musicians, established in Los Angeles’ most renowned artist’s colony, The Brewery Artist Lofts. As is The Brewery’s tradition in non-musical arts, we leverage our unique facilities to curate musical talent in mediums which are difficult to pursue in other facilities not prepared as ours.

Since forming unofficially in 2012 The Musician’s Loft has housed many performing artists and musicians of note, including Grammy™-winners, performers, artists, multiple touring bands, and viral wonder here and there, but most of our residents have “normal jobs” to support their musical proclivities. We have also been home to numerous students in area college & university musical programs, and of course, we house a few people who “just really like to play”.


We welcome all instrumentalists whether their goals are professional or personal. Our community provides ample living quarters and rehearsal space for instrumentalists, but more importantly, the Musician’s Loft encourages the amateur pursuit of musical tradition in our community, outside of the academic realm. The Musician’s Loft achieves this overarching goal by providing a space which encourages production & performances. We always strive to facilitate interaction between musicians as well as their exposure to multiple styles and disciplines of the instrumental arts.

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